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Friday, 5 October 2012

VMware vCloud Service - Creating vApp

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In previous post of this series we saw how to create an account for VMware vCloud Service Evaluation using a Promo Code.
[...]Assuming that you have received your Username and Password for vCloud service evaluation via e-mail, we can now start by creating our first vApp !!
Login to your vCloud ( using the Administrative Username and Password :

Once you logged in, Select the "My Cloud Tab". This tab will display the VMs and vApps that you will create from now onwards.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

VMware vCloud Service- Getting started

VMware vCloud Service - Part 1 Getting Started

As per VMware's Definition: "A vCloud Service Evaluation is the best way to experience how VMware can add infrastructure capacity within minutes without needing to purchase the capacity as capital expense yourself. It also provides the opportunity to learn how easy it is to administer workloads between environments of choice. The vCloud Service Evaluation includes an extremely flexible, on-demand, self-service public cloud service that allows for seamless migration of workloads between your existing cloud environment, the vCloud Service Evaluation, and VMware’s ecosystem of service providers (in conjunction with your internal vSphere environment)."
Want a simple one-liner? Refer the definition by here
"A vCloud Service Evaluation is VMware's attempt (and may I add a good one !!) to creating a self-service, self-managed, automated, pay-per-use model based Public Cloud"

With vCloud Service Evaluation, you can:

  • Access your cloud through the “vCloud Service Evaluation Console”, an example of a customized user interface based on vCloud technology, and utilize virtual servers from a shared resource pool for a low hourly cost.

  • Enjoy a turnkey experience by deploying VMs or application
    templates in a matter of minutes. With VMware Virtual Appliances or vApps, you have the ability to provision multi-tier applications without manual configuration. You’ll also have unlimited access to pre-packaged infrastructure and application templates.

When you get started with the vCloud Service Evaluation, you will be using a public cloud that offers you:

  • Redundancy - If hardware that is powering your VMs fails, your VMs will be automatically moved to a new set of resources, regardless of operating system or underlying hardware configuration.

  • Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) – DRS enables your cluster to be properly balanced with the workloads running upon it. DRS automatically keeps physical hosts and clusters running smoothly by moving workloads off if they can be better used on different ‘less busy’ hosts.

  • vCloud Networking & Security - VMware vCloud Networking & Security Edge firewall control is built in, so no need to add a 3rd party firewall.

  • API - The vCloud API is your interface to building new management solutions and integrating existing ones with VMware cloud infrastructure. 

  • vApps - We provide a library of predefined vApps, or create your own. vApps (or “Virtual Appliances”) are a grouping of virtual machines that allow you to start, stop, reboot and even destroy your virtual machines with just a click or two.

  • Bandwidth – The vCloud Service Evaluation offers unlimited inbound bandwidth, and free outbound bandwidth up to 1TB.

  • IPs – We offer you a pool of public and private IP addresses OS Templates – We offer both Windows and Linux.

  • Application Templates – We offer a suite of application templates that greatly simplify development and testing of popular web applications.

Getting Started with the vCloud Service Evaluation

It’s very simple to begin your vCloud Service Evaluation. With just a few clicks, your account will be provisioned and ready to use in minutes.

Setting up your vCloud Service Evaluation account:

1. Visit
2. Click the "Join Our Beta" button
vmware vCloud service evaluation beta

Friday, 28 September 2012

Get Started With the vCloud Service Evaluation Beta Today!

The Wait Is Over – Get Started With the vCloud Service Evaluation Beta Today!

Good news – the waitlist for the vCloud Service Evaluation Beta has been removed! This means that users can now sign up today and get a public vCloud account in 15 minutes or less.

Announced last month, the vCloud Service Evaluation provides a quick, easy and low-cost way for you to learn about the advantages of a vCloud though hands-on testing and experimentation. All you need to sign up is a credit card and you can get your own public vCloud up and running in minutes.

vmware vCloud service evaluation beta

The vCloud Service Evaluation has all the basics you need, including a catalog of useful VM templates, virtual networking, persistent storage, external IP addresses, firewalls, load balancers, the vCloud API, and more. A variety of pre-built content templates are also available (at no charge) through the vCloud Service Evaluation, including WordPress, Jommia!, Sugar CRM, LAMP stack, Windows Server, etc.

For a limited time, you can also use the promo code “VMworld50” for a $50 credit towards your vCloud environment.

Looking for support? Technical How-To Guides available on are perfect for new vCloud users looking for implementation assistance.

vmware vCloud service evaluation beta 

In addition, signing up for the vCloud Service Evaluation gives you access to the vCloud Service Evaluation Community, where users can ask questions and get answers directly from others in the vCloud community.

vmware vCloud service evaluation beta

Your own vCloud is just a few clicks away – sign up for the vCloud Service Evaluation Beta (don’t forget to use the promo code, “VMworld50”) and set up your own vCloud today!

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What's new in VMware vSphere 5.1

Today VMware announced vSphere 5.1. This posting will give an overview of the most interesting new features.

vSphere 5.1 will be available September 11 2012 !!

Some highlights are as follows:

  • Paul Maritz steps down as CEO after leading the company for 4 years. His successor is Pat Gelsinger
  • VMware is focused on building the architecture for Cloud Computing which is called the Software Defined Datacenter
  • vCloud Suite is announced, consisting of:
    • vSphere
    • vCloud Director
    • vCloud Networking and Security
    • Site Recovery Manager
    • vCenter Operations Manager
    • vFabric Application Director
    • vCloud API’s
    • vCloud Connector
    • vCenter Orchestrator

  • vSphere 5.1 is announced
  • vCloud Director 5.1 is announced
  • vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 is announced
  • vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1 is announced
  • vRAM is no more! VMware will use a priced per CPU model
  • Cloud Ops, a new operating model for IT
  • Monster VMs will get bigger: 64 virtual CPUs and 1 million IOPS...per VM
  • Enhanced vMotion: Live migration without the need of shared storage!
  • New virtualized storage options
  • Create secure and logical networks using the new vCloud Networking & Security suite and VXLAN
  • vSphere 5.1 contains a full featured browser based vSphere Client, the Web Client
  • The vCloud Director interface is now vSphere Web Client style
  • The vSphere Web Client now offers great extensibility options for 3rd party vendors
  • Use vFabric Application Director for deploying complex applications
  • Existing vSphere Enterprise Plus customers will get a free upgrade to the vCloud Suite
  • VMware recently acquired Nicira, a company that virtualizes networking

  • More detailed information on all these announcements follow below:

    VMware changed the features in the vSphere editions. The features below all are available now in Standard Edition as well.

    SURPRISE !! VMware Will Join OpenStack

    Never say never. VMware is about to join the OpenStack Foundation, a group initially backed by other industry giants as a counterweight to VMware’s server virtualization dominance. Intel and NEC are also on deck to join as Gold OSF members.


    Just in time for VMworld, VMware is about to join the OpenStack Foundation as a Gold member, along with Intel and NEC, according to a post on the OpenStack Foundation Wiki. The applications for membership are on the agenda of the August 28 OpenStack Foundation meeting.

    A year ago, a VMware-OpenStack hookup would have been seen as unlikely. When Rackspace and NASA launched the OpenStack Project more than two years ago, it was seen as a competitive response to VMware’s server virtualization dominance inside company data centers and to Amazon’s heft in public cloud computing. Many tech companies including but not limited to Rackspace, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Citrix, Red Hat and Microsoft saw VMware as a threat and were bound and determined to keep the company from extending its virtualization lock into the cloud.

    But, things change. VMware’s surprise acquisition of Nicira and DynamicOps last month, showed there might be a thaw in the air. For one thing, Nicira is an OpenStack player. By bringing Nicira and DynamicOps into the fold, VMware appeared to be much more willing to work with non-VMware-centric infrastructure, as GigaOM’s Derrick Harris reported at the time.

    This is a symbolic coup for OpenStack and its biggest boost since IBM and Red Hat officially joined as Platinum members in April. And it’s especially important since Citrix, a virtualization rival to VMware undercut it’s own OpenStack participation last April by pushing CloudStack as an alternative open source cloud stack.

    OpenStack Gold members, which include Cloudscaling, Dell, MorphLabs, Cisco Systems, and NetApp, pay a fee pegged at 0.25 percent of their revenue — at least $50,000 but capped at $200,000 according to the foundation wiki. (VMware’s fee will be $66,666, according to the application, submitted by VMware CTO Steve Herrod, which is linked on the wiki post.) Platinum members — AT&T, Canonical, HP, Rackspace, IBM, Nebula, Red Hat, and SUSE – pay $500,000 per year with a 3-year minimum commitment.


    Original Source :

    Introduction to Virtualisation - VMware

    This video webcast is designed to help those with little to no virtualization experience understand why virtualization and VMware are so important to driving down both capital and operational costs

    Introduction to Virtualisation - VMware

    View the slides here

    SOURCE : Infoworld Newsletter


    Friday, 8 June 2012

    InfoWorld : The battle to stop Amazon Web Services starts here

    A good blog by David Linthicum... do read!

    Piston Computing's integration with VMware's Cloud Foundry surprised many, but you should expect more anti-AWS efforts...

    Piston Computing plans to build a bridge to EMC VMware's Cloud Foundry, meaning it will link Piston's own OpenStack-based cloud IaaS offering. What does this mean for cloud development? It's the start of many other such integration efforts, I suspect, to battle the meteoric rise of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Sunday, 3 June 2012

    vSphere 5.0 Hardening Guide - Official Release

    yoyoclouds: vSphere 5.0 Hardening Guide - Official Release: vSphere 5.0 Hardening Guide - Official Release This is the official release of the vSphere 5.0 Security Hardening Guide , v1.0.  T...